Independent Asset Manager solutions

Solutions for external wealth managers

CBH Europe is always open to productive partnerships with other independent asset managers and family offices. We aim to provide them with a top quality service and a prompt reaction to any requests. Our service offering includes direct access to our trading desk which facilitates timely execution in both traditional and alternative asset classes on all major international and local exchanges and within the OTC market.

Truly global custody solution

CBH Europe’s global custody solution will both significantly improve the efficiency of your custody arrangements and further enhance the safekeeping of your clients’ assets. Being a FCA regulated firm, we follow strict client asset protection and segregation rules. Our multi-currency and multi-asset service offering will give you a full access to a truly global network of sub-custodians.

CBH advisory services

Our advisors work closely with clients to ensure that they have full access to our key services, such as investment advisory solutions and financial research. Our aim is to keep you informed on a regular basis on developments in the areas relevant to your business such as the regulatory and legal environment and new developments in the financial markets.

Private label Fund

A “private label” fund is an investment fund designed according to your wishes. We will help you design the fund structure, choose its jurisdiction, type and regulatory status and help support its operational management, investment activities and the safekeeping of the fund’s assets.